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    Welcome to our About Us page. Plum Haze , d.b.a of Linwood Trading Depot, LLC is a owner operated business. We specializing in Customized Gifts, Personalization of Gifts and Products, Gifts for Men, Gifts for Women, along with Novelty Gifts and Personal Memorabilia.
    Products and Gifts such as metal photographs, metal license plates, tags etc., die cut decals, coffee mugs, vinyl signage and more. We also customize photos and designs. Almost every item we sell can be customized and personalized. 
     At Plum Haze our goal is to provide you with some of the most unique, creative and memorable gifts and products available today. Because here it is not about us, its about you and/or your gift recipient. We offer premade designs where a name can be filled in all the way up to complete customization.

Plum Haze


Our about us story starts in 2016, when Linwood Trading Depot, LLC (LTD) was made and entered the online sales market, selling on third party sites such as eBay. To start personal items were sold to bring money in to help build the business. The first year was successful. After that LTD began selling antique and classic car parts, lawn mower parts, and general merchandise.
     In 2018 due to the rise in our classic car part sales, LTD acquired the d.b.a of OldUScarparts.com (Old-U-S-Car-Parts-Dot-Com). The next two years were mainly spent selling classic and antique car parts.  Mainly selling parts for 1930s-1960s Cadillacs, Buicks, Chryslers, DeSotos, Pontiacs, Plymouths and more. OldUScarparts.com was at Hershey Fall Meet in 2019.
   While still selling car parts, in 2019 LTD purchased a vinyl cutter/plotter to make die cut decals. With a love for classic rock music and the owner dealing with fibromyalgia, a name was selected that represented both, Plum Haze. Brain fog is often associated with Fibromyalgia and often makes you feel like your brain is foggy or or that you are in a haze. Fibromyalgia is represented by the color purple. One of the owner’s favorite signers is Jimi Hendrix and his song Purple Haze.  
  Selling under the eBay user name of plumhazedecals we began our endeavor slowly. However when Corona Virus hit Maryland hard in March of 2020, LTD stopped its classic car part sales as they declined drastically. All business basically came to halt. 
   In July of 2020, plumhazedecals username simply became plumhaze and Plum Haze became an official d.b.a of LTD that same month. While still making decals, other areas were added in such a metal photography, customizable products, image editing and design, and so much more. 
   In October 2020 Plum Haze attended its first craft shows and continued selling at shows through the end of 2020.


Thank you for taking the time to read our About Us page. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have lived in Carroll County Maryland my whole life. Attended and graduated from Carroll County Schools and the Carroll County Career & Technology Center in Electrical Construction. Shout out to the best Electrical Teacher Mr. Warner.
In the end of 2011, I started having pain behind my eyes and headaches. As time went on this changed to body aches, pain, numbness, tingling, and other unpleasant things. In the beginning of 2012 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.
After a few years of almost constant prescribed pain medication, I had enough, and took myself off traditional pain medication. In 2019 I became a legal card carrying Medical Cannabis user, God Bless America. To describe how it helps to someone who doesn’t have Fibromyalgia; its almost like oiling the tin man’s joints and provides pain relief.
Of the many things I enjoy some are spending time with my family & dogs, classic rock music, pizza, woodworking, and playing games. Website building and computers are also a strong interest.
I also enjoy classic cars and love to part cars whether old or newer. Taking parts off that are then used to keep other cars running and on the road. Keeping as little as possible from being wasted when scraped.
Like many people, American Muscle cars are some of my favorite along with Cadillac, DeSoto, Ford, Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, Chevy, and more. Some of my favorite cars are the Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, Plymouth Road Runner, and Pontiac GTO & Trans Am.
I love dogs and have had them in my life since I was a wee small child. My boys, two full brother labs passed away a few months apart in 2020. A companion was missing in my life so bad and didn’t realize the emotional support a dog provided. Finally on new years day 2021, I got my boy, Seger.


Brian Atkinson



Hi Hi Hi Hi!
    My name is Seger Koa (“Sea-ger” like that famous singer Bob my Dad loves), the new addition to the Plum Haze family. I came out from the heart of the city of DC and am now living in the country. Let me tell you the country is so different than the city, I love it so much.
I’m a Bernedoodle, Half Poodle and Half Bernese Mountain Dog. The mountain dog part of me comes from the Swiss Alps, so I LOOOVE the snow Ruff Ruff. Its a cool experience! I don’t care if it is windy and snowing hard, I’ll play in it as long as I can.
   Some of my favorite things are my toys, food, playing, food, getting attention, food, by the way did I mention food?! I love it so! Car rides are awesome, so many places to see and go.
My Dad’s Mom is a superhero. She puts on a cape and does magical things. Her superpower? Baking. I’m not far from the kitchen when this happens. I wait in awe as she makes these wonderful things.
     I’m so happy to be on the About Us page and look forward to seeing you at upcoming events

We Will Never Forget You, My Boys. I will always Love you. Until I see you again my friends.