2020 Sucks 2020 The Year Crap Got Real Tree Ornament 3.5 Inch

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With the toilet paper asiles of our local stores bare, truth be told there was hardly any to spare. Masks & coverings became a come place, no more seeing a smile on a stranger’s face. After having to shelter in place for months, days & nights, the sight of ourselves in a mirror gave us plenty of frights. So hang this ornament on your tree, and call all the family to come and see.  After seeing this year wasn’t filled with good lucks, well I’ll say it…. 2020 Sucks.

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2020 Sucks & 2020 The Year When Crap Got Real

It does, lets be honest. Almost everyone was affected some way by Covid-19 and the ensuing chaos. This Christmas, hang an ornament on your tree that says, 2020 Sucks & 2020 The year when Crap Got Real. Being 3.5 inches in diameter and made of aluminum this high quality ornament will last for years. Each year you pull it out to decorate you’ll ask yourself, “Was this year as bad as 2020?” The ornament will come with a hanger hook.